Horses As Learning Tools

Equine Assisted Learning As you step out of your world into the world of a horse, you may begin to question old behaviors and perceptions. By working successfully with these thousand-pound animals (or with our much smaller miniature horses) perceptions about capabilities, self significance and personal power improve.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is a professional mental health discipline for children and their families. EAP itself is a specialized form of psychotherapy using horses. Under the private practice of G. Ann Remick- Barlow, LLC and Associates, and our non-profit arm Helping Kids Be Kids Foundation,  our EAP is a mental health growth and learning program that builds resilience, improves social skills, over-all behavior and  relationship dynamics to support emotional growth and development.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) focuses on using horses for self discovery to increase self confidence, self esteem and interactions with others.

About Horses
As herd animals, horses have evolved to become keenly aware of their surroundings and those in it. You can hide what you feel from others—and even from yourself—but the tiny cues you give off can’t be hidden from horses. Happy, sad, angry, playful, shy, aggressive…a horse knows. And immediately reacts.

Also, like all animals, horses don’t care:

  •  what you do for a living
  •  how much money you make
  •  what you look like or
  •  who your friends are

Horses want safety, comfort and fun…and they keep all secrets that you whisper to them.

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Helping Kids Be Kids

Donations made to our Helping Kids Be Kids Foundation makes it possible for us to provide services to those who may not have the necessary resources.



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