Our Horses

We think all our horses were hand picked for us to love, learn with and seek hidden mysteries about ourselves. They do bring out our inner spirits…




I walked with my friend Cruz through a snowstorm in order to make it to Spirit Ranch.  I am an 27 year old Arabian horse with lots of personality.  I too was out of a job when I could no longer be ridden by my owner and was getting bored in retirement.  Now my new job is to greet all visitors to the ranch and making sure that everyone is feeling comfortable.  I try to brighten everyone’s day and I think that I’m pretty good at it.  Some of my new friends have also named me White Beauty because I’m such a handsome white Arabian.  I have found the perfect job and I continue to make new friends everyday!








I am a 27 year old bashful paso fino horse.  I came to Spirit Ranch after my original owner determined that it was time for me to retire. I was out of a job, but I still wanted to work.  I was too afraid to ride in a trailer, so I walked down the road in a terrible snowstorm on January 1, 2007 with my friend Czar.  We have been together since we were 2 years old.  I am now happy to once again have a job and am ready to welcome this new phase of my life.  I am very shy but I love people and work really well with them.  My job is very important to me and I love to see everyone smile.   I continue to gain confidence everyday and hope to make new friends!       






I was sad when my old family outgrew me and I no longer had much to do.  I was bored and out of work.  Not a good feeling. I am a big mini horse.  My new owners found out that I was allergic to grass, which is not a good quality for a job description.  If I eat too much I get a bad tummy ache and my feet will get really sore.  I did not have too many friends because I’m a little shy, but that soon changed when Katy and Eli arrived.  It became my job to look over Katy as she regained her strength and was feeling better.  Another job I now have is helping kids and sometimes soldiers to feel better and become more confident.  I love my new jobs and I think I’m an expert in my field!  






I am 6 years old and came to Spirit Ranch with my stepbrother Starr.  My legs were crooked and it was hard for me to walk.  I had never seen a pasture or green grass before, so I was excited to get to run around for the first time!  Another amazing thing happened.  My legs became stronger as I was exercised and I was finally able to walk without it hurting.  I am now so excited about my new life that I want to help others feel excited and “get back on their feet.”  I may only be 2 ½ feet tall, but I’m a big helper and have a big heart.  I like to lend a hoof in folks gaining new confidence and making new friends, just like I have!   






I came here with my stepbrother Lenny when I was two years old.  I came from a corral with many other miniatures, like me, and I have been at Spirit Ranch for 5 years. I now have room to run and my own barn.  However when I came, I had a bad under-bite and had to have braces.  Talk about embarrassing!  Luckily, my new owner was willing to put in the time and money to get this care for me.  Now I feel much better because I can eat and am on a nutritious diet.  Because I was given a second chance and braces, I do my best to help others feel better and to be a good friend.  







My name is Katy and I had my last colt two years ago. His name is Sunshine.  I am 17 years old and I came from a large herd of other miniatures.  When I came to Spirit Ranch, I had very sore feet and it was very painful for me to walk.  Luckily for me this nice horse named Sage that lived next to me in the barn helped me and Sunshine until I could get better.  I got special attention for my hoofs and special medical attention.  I am also on a special diet and am feeling much better.  I came here afraid of people, but now I know how kind and caring they can be. I am now participating in the programs and I am thrilled to know that my son, Sunshine is doing great, living with a family that helped him get stronger and fit for his work. I am proud to be the only girl horse at Spirit Ranch and respected by all the guys.






I have only lived at Spirit Ranch for several months. Much to my surprise and delight, I was brought to the ranch in a big horse trailer from a riding stable in Arizona.  I met my owner when I was working in another EAP program.  When it closed down I was out of a job and did not know what would happen with me.  When my current owner heard about my situation she asked if I could be brought to NM.  Spirit Ranch made a special stall for me where my new owner works while her husband is away serving in the military.   Now I have the opportunity to have a totally new job where we work with soldiers and their families.  I am so happy to be a part of the Spirit Ranch herd!

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