About Spirit Ranch

Spirit Ranch - Las Cruces, NM At Spirit Ranch, we function as a team and encourage our clients to see the value of forming a supportive community. By our collaboration  with other organizations and institutions such as NMSU, Community Action, public and private schools, physicians, therapists and private citizens, we are stronger in our mission.

 For Equine Assisted Psychotherapy/Learning  (EAP/EAL), we accept referrals from parents, friends, schools, social workers, family counselors,  treatment facility personnel, human services departments, judges and various insurance departments. However, referrals are not necessary.

If you are interested in EAP/EAL, contact Ann Remick-Barlow. An assessment will be arranged for the family. Children are evaluated according to the response to the horses and staff. The child/children will be invited to visit our facility, following the initial meeting with the parents or referring agency.




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Helping Kids Be Kids

Donations made to our Helping Kids Be Kids Foundation makes it possible for us to provide services to those who may not have the necessary resources.



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